How long does buttermilk waffle batter last in the fridge?

Waffle dough made with fresh ingredients, such as eggs, milk, and butter, can typically last two to three days in the refrigerator. The best shelf life for waffle dough in the refrigerator, then, is 2 days. This will keep the eggs fresh. In turn, it will maintain the freshness of the other ingredients.

The average temperature for storing waffle dough is approximately 40°F (4-5°C). It allows the dough to stay good for about two days in the fridge. In addition, it is also essential to choose the right container to store it. Simple plastic packaging isn't all good.

The presence of air can quickly spoil the dough. Use within two days to maintain food quality and safety. Stir the dough with a whisk before placing it in the waffle iron to cook. You can cook the dough cold without having to bring it to room temperature.

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